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Goddess Kali & Archangel Faith Workshop

During this 3 hour workshop, I will be sharing with you my experience of working with the amazing (yet a little ruthless and disruptive) goddess Kali, and why this work was necessary in order to reveal parts of myself that needed healing on a deeper level.

We will then bring in goddess Kali through a beautiful meditation, and ask her to help each of us with healing inner wounds, in a way that we are able to manage on an individual and personal level.

We’ll then have a period of reflection and an opportunity to talk through what has come up for you (if you don’t feel comfortable sharing on the group, you can message me directly)

We will then have a short break before bringing in the softer more delicate energy of Archangel Faith, once again through meditation.

I will talk you through both of these energies and explain why sometimes we need this level of polarity in our lives in order to move forward.

By the end of this workshop you should:


  • have identified any significant blocks that are holding you back at this time.

  • know how to work with goddess Kali, what this may involve, and how she can help you.

  • know how to draw upon the healing and loving energy of archangel Faith once the healing is underway.

  • understand why using the energies of both goddess Kali and archangel Faith is important for balance when doing this deep inner healing work.

  • feel energised and ready to heal, and step forward on your true authentic path.

*disclaimer - deep inner healing isn’t always easy, in fact, you can expect a bumpy road along the way.  If you don’t feel quite ready for this right now, please wait until the time feels right for you.

What is the energy exchange?


The energy exchange for this workshop is £33.

You will also receive recorded invocations for both goddess Kali and Archangel Faith, which will be sent to you upon completion of the workshop.

This workshop tends to be delivered online to a small group.

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