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My name is Kerry and I am so grateful to have you here. My passion is to help, support and guide others through their own unique self healing and transformative journey.

I offer a range of services from in person healing to personal and spiritual development coaching.  I welcome you to have a read through the services detailed throughout my website, and would love to hear from you if you feel drawn to working with me, or have any questions!

My Story

I have always been aware that there is ‘something else out there’, and from a young age I could sense the presence of spirit around me. I chose to shut myself off from this as a child as, to be honest, it scared me (I now realise that there’s nothing to be scared of!)

As I’ve grown older, my experiences through adolescence and into adult-hood, have without a doubt, led me to where I am and shaped me in to the person I am today. 

Like all of us, the road hasn’t always been smooth, it’s had many twists, turns and bumps along the way.

I can definitely say that I didn’t deal with some of those experiences and life lessons as I would do now, but again, it’s all part of learning and how we grow. 

In my late 20’s to early 30’s, my curiosity about the ‘unknown’ started to grow and I began to open up again. I’ve taken my time to learn and understand about the spiritual realms and different spiritual practices, and it has honestly changed my life.

Initially, I found myself being pulled in the direction of angelic reiki healing and crystal healing, and if I’m honest, I did only learn  this for my own self healing.  I committed to my own self healing, personal and spiritual development, and I have to say, my life has changed dramatically, to the point that I feel so different to the person I was.  I started out feeling lost, lacking in direction, motivation and confidence, and now I feel excited, driven, motivated and, perhaps one of the biggest changes for me....confident!!! 

I truly believe that sometimes, it takes a person to reach the lowest they have ever felt, to give them the motivation and drive they need to change the direction they are heading from a downward spiral, to an upwards one….and I’m here to tell you that change and transformation is absolutely possible, and it can happen faster, and more impact-fully than you could have ever imagined.  BUT, you do have to commit to yourself and commit to putting in the work, and I would be completely honoured to guide and support you through that process.

We will never stop healing, and we will never stop learning, it’s how our soul grows and evolves, but once you have the tools to heal, to learn and to be grateful for all that life has offered and will continue to offer you, your life will transform beyond your wildest comprehension.

Change is possible, healing is possible and transformation is possible, you’ve got this!

With love, 

Kerry x

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